It does not have to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, when there is no option left, surgery is the choice.

There are options

There are choices besides heading straight to surgery.

A young mom brought in her youngest child, her baby. The little girl was suffering from chronic ear infections. She had awful congestion. Her drainage system was clogged.

Within three visits, the little girl’s began to open up and start to drain.

“Why doesn’t anyone tell us about this?”

We hear this question, a lot. The mom asked, “why hasn’t anyone told us about this? Why didn’t the pediatrician tell us this? Why would I want to put my child through surgery when we can bring them to you and open up her ear, nose, throat system and allow it to drain naturally?”.

“Why didn’t someone tell me this before I had my child put under anesthesia, having to cut their ear drum? Why didn’t someone tell me this before I put my kid through rounds and rounds of antibiotics, damaging her gut health?”.

“Why do people no talk about this?”.

The truth is, they don’t know about it. They are not trained this manner. It is not their fault. They are making recommendations on what they know.

In our office, we measure how well the immune system is functioning. We look at if the drainage system is draining properly.

There are options other than round after round of antibiotics and having surgery.

Empowering the body is the best way to make it as healthy as possible.

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