If you feel like virtual school can be overwhelming, well you aren’t alone. School overwhelm is real and we are here to support you and give you some hope on the situation! 

It’s February and we have been at this almost a year. We know remote learning means screens on screens, and there’s really no way to avoid it right now. There is also the frustration of the different schedules and all the kids needing something different. Not to mention if you’re trying to get work done at home while also trying to homeschool? Yeah, right. Lastly, it’s sometimes just a struggle actually getting the kids to sit still long enough. Of course, we want them to learn, but when they’re revved up by screens and lack of movement, it’s hard for them… and us! 

These are the struggles we hear in our office from parents every day. Discipline ends up being the subject that comes up frequently in these conversations due to these frustrations and challenges.  What is working in your home? 

Tips to get your kids moving

We have some ideas for you. You’re probably already doing some of these, but sometimes a reminder is helpful! We want to encourage you to help your child move to release some of that stagnant energy. Here is an idea that came to us from another clinic. With kids trying to learn best at home, they’re overstimulated. They have to be on a screen now, and we know that screens are a rocket fuel to our nervous system. 

virtual school can be overwhelming

Encourage your kids to move around, throughout the house, as much as possible during the day. Have them sit in a bungee chair or on an exercise ball. Sit in different positions, both inside and outside, and change their clothes, just to keep them stimulated, moving, and actually better focused. Letting your child move around while they’re trying to pay attention to their studies can be so helpful for them. Let them listen to their body as they continue to adapt to this year’s new schooling routine! 

If you’ve felt overwhelmed because your child is struggling with virtual learning, check out our Facebook page! We would love to give you as many hope bombs as we can! We’re constantly posting tips on how to not only get through, but to THRIVE!  Check us out. Share some hope, save your sanity, and a friend’s sanity by sharing us with them! We love being a resource to the Madison community. Virtual school can be overwhelming. Please let us know how we can help!