Are you just frustrated and just tired of your kid, just dealing with so many behavioral issues, just meltdowns after meltdown after, just anger, aggression? We understand and this is something so familiar that I went through as a child. And I understand from the child perspective of… The challenge and struggle because it’s not easy on them either. Just like isn’t easy on you as a parent preventing you from maybe going on trips because your kid is just going to constantly have that meltdown.

Or you can’t even go out in public because again, another behavioral issue. And then you feel like everybody’s staring at you. That feeling is so familiar to me and my family. And I want you to know that there’s hope out there for you. There’s answers out there for you. We don’t have to go down this path where it just feels like we’re just trying to shut down a behavior. We’re just trying to patch a behavior instead of actually understanding what that behavior is really telling us because behaviors are always a window to our brain, our child’s brain, our brain. As adults, behaviors, there’s always a reason for behaviors.

So we have to understand what that behavior is telling us about how they are processing, engaging, interacting with their world. And when we better understand that, we can then better understand what we can do going forward to help them. To help guide them, to having a better expression of life because it’s not that anything is wrong with them. It’s just that they are having a more difficult time trying to engage and interact and process their world, which then is overwhelming their brain and overwhelming themselves. And then what happens just based on science of how the brain works, we tend to then regress or deflect to an area of development that we are more efficient at.

So that’s why we do such a thorough history in our office to better understand what are the problems? What are the behaviors, but understand what are the triggers? What type of environments? What are they good at processing and how are they engaging and interacting with their world? Because when we do that, we can get more answers for you parents into how you can help your kid at home on a daily basis.

But then also help really lay out a path that we can start to guide them through, to start to have that better expression of life. So if you have a child that is dealing with behavioral issues, when there is hope out there, there is answers out there, so you’re not in this alone. We help guide families all the time and we’d love to be able to provide answers.

So if you have a child that is struggling with behavioral issues, reach out to us or send us a message or post in the comments and we would love to be able to answer any questions and help get you answers to what’s going on with your child. But if you know somebody that deals with it, that has a child that is struggling, please tag them down below so that they can hear this video and start getting answers and action steps for them and for their family. Because we do not just have to deal with these behaviors. We don’t just have to, oh, your kid is just, that’s just the way that they are. No, we all have this ability to have the best expression of life, but sometimes things overwhelm us and we need to breakthrough that wall so that we can allow ourselves and allow our kids to have the best expression of life. So please like this video, share it so that more people can see it and everyone have a great day.