Hey parents, don’t worry, your child is going to grow out of whatever it is. Typically I say, this is the biggest lie that parents are ever told, and typically from their providers. But there might be some truth to that when your pediatrician or your medical provider is telling you that, because they truly believe that they will grow out of it, because that’s what they’re told, that’s their belief system. But we see so often in our practice and we hear so many times that moms have that gut feeling, that all of these things that their kid has dealt with or dealing with, now are connected. And I want to tell you that, that is so true. Our kids don’t just grow out of colic, they don’t just grow out of ear infections, they don’t just grow out of constipation, they don’t grow out of behavioral issues.

They grow into deeper things. We see this so often and we’re not just a separation of our parts. We are a combination, we are one, our body functions as a whole. So if we have stress on our body that is going to impact our whole body, not wherever that stress is. So this is one that typically a colicky baby, one, a colicky baby is as you know, is not going to be a colicky. Two-year-old, they’re not going to be a colicky. Five-year-old, that two year old or that was colicky, when a baby is now a two, three-years-old that may be dealing with chronic ear infections, or immune issues, or dealing with some sleeping constipation challenges.

And then maybe they turn three, four, five, and now we’re starting to see behavioral issues, hyper activity, learning challenges, maybe. And then the thing is then when they become a teen, they may have adapted or found strategies to cope with some of those challenges and then, or were on medication, which there’s a time and place. And don’t ever feel bad if you feel like you have to put your kid on medication, but then when they become a teen, it’s that anxious, depressed teen, and then they become an adult. And that’s where we see the exhausted, overwhelmed, drained adult.

And we think that these are all separate issues. We think that they’re not connected, but they are connected. They’re all tied back to the brain and the nervous system. The brain and the nervous system controls everything in our body. So if the brain and nervous system has stress on it from the very beginning that created the colicky symptoms, or the ear infections, or constipation, but we never addressed the stress and the symptom went away. What then happened? What then appeared? Because that stress doesn’t go away, that stress gets deeper on to the brain and the nervous system, and impacts the way that we move through our world, the way that we engage and interact with our world.

The story of our parenting life right here. But parents, I want you to know that if you’re being told that your child is going to grow out of something, and your gut is telling you that you don’t think so. And that there’s something deeper going on, your gut is right. They aren’t going to grow out of these. So let’s start figuring out and getting down to everything below the tip of the iceberg, because the symptoms, the challenges are the tip of the iceberg of what is actually going on in our kid’s body.

So we need to get down to that deeper issue. And that’s what we do here, that’s why we use neurological scans, that’s why we do our assessments, that we do our history, so that we can get down to the root. The root issue of what is going on or root issues of what is going on with your kid, or maybe yourself, because maybe you are that drained, exhausted, overwhelmed parent, adult. And we understand that it can get overwhelming, we want to be here to support you and provide answers for you. So reach out to us, post down below.

If you have any questions, if somebody that you know has a kid that is struggling, or you have a kid that is struggling, or you know someone, post, tag them down below, so that they can hear this video. And this video can reach more people because we do not have to go through life dealing with the challenges and the struggles, that we are told, oh, you’re going to have to deal with that. No, that’s not the way that life has to be.

When we start understanding more of what all these behaviors, these challenges are telling us, we can better lay out a care plan to really start to address these things, and start having a better quality of life, because we all were designed to have the best expression of life. And I am a true believer that we don’t have to move through life dealing with these things, and we can navigate and find better things. Where’d you get that? So we’re here to support you, reach out to us, send us a message, comment down below, would love to answer any questions that you have. And have a great day.