Do children outgrow ear infections? Do they outgrow constantly being sick? Will they grow out of the behavior struggles that stem from chronic sickness?

The answer is no, they don’t. And that is a beautiful thing. That means that with these struggles, your child’s body is asking for help. That means that they don’t have to just suffer through until they outgrow it. They can get relief now!

Here’s what happens.

If a little one’s ear-nose drainage system isn’t properly functioning as an infant or toddler, they don’t miraculously outgrow it. It doesn’t just start working.

What actually happens as a child ages is this: the body starts to shift and adapt. You may notice that there are fewer infections. But the drainage system is still blocked.

It turns into…

Now your child is getting sinus infections, chronic coughs, and colds. The reason is the drainage system still isn’t functioning. This means that it is keeping fluid where it doesn’t belong. The fluid doesn’t drain, and it can turn into allergies.

In more severe instances, it can develop into more severe issues of immune system dysfunction.

For the child who was sick all the time…

Maybe your child had ear infections every couple months as a baby. Or perhaps they were sick with strep throat and swollen tonsils and adenoids all the time. Maybe they even had them removed, because that was the ‘answer’. It may have helped the symptoms.

Please understand this, of the drainage system or immune system wasn’t functioning before, it is not functioning after. Until those systems start working, those specific symptoms may go away, but we are are just altering how the body is expressing the clogged tube.

If the fluid from the head is not draining into the body the way it should, it just continues to back up, and the expression of this will look differently as time passes.

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