What causes subluxation? First of all, what even is subluxation? Dr. Eric is addressing this topic in a series of videos. You most likely haven’t heard of this term unless you’ve been in our office. Subluxation is what we do – the alteration of the mechanics of the brain and the nervous system. In this first video, he is sharing three main things that cause subluxation. Physical stress, chemical stress or toxins, and emotional stress are the top three! These cause stress on the brain and body and it can lead to subluxation. In the video below, Dr. Eric is addressing this topic more.

In the last video he share the top three stressors that can cause subluxation and touched on what it is. In our next video, he will talk about what happens to the input to the brain when an individual is subluxated? He will talk about what happens when the brain has certain kinds of input and also what could to the brain during different stages of development. So, check out the following video to learn more.

Finally, in our “What causes subluxation?” series, Dr. Eric will share what happens if a child has altered developmental trajectory? How does that affect the brain? What is happening when a child has a behavioral, learning, developmental or socialization challenge? In the last video in our series, Dr. Eric will share how this can alter a child’s development. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our clinic if you have any questions, we are here to help!