We don’t want our children to be stressed and anxious. It is painful to watch and for them to experience. It can often feel hopeless and scary. 

Your child may be struggling with behaviors that seem extreme for the situation. Maybe they are experiencing issues lashing out at peers, or they may be all over the place at home. Meltdown after meltdown. It is downright exhausting and stressful. 

We need answers so that we can understand the stress that our kids are experiencing. Once we have the answers, we have hope. 

So, we ask: Why is my child so stressed and out of control?

The top FUELS to the sensory system are:


Screen-time provides intense sensory stimulation. The bright and blue-toned light from screens can cause fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain if too much exposure occurs. Media multitasking overstimulates and triggers the brain into a stress response. Interactive content increases sensory input, which can be a good thing, but can also cause overstimulation. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted from long-term exposure which stimulates the brain into stress response. 

These factors aggravate the sensory system. They behave like fuel to the nervous system, especially when it can’t get information to and from the brain properly. (This is when a specially trained chiropractor is crucial.)

They trigger the fight or flight response. This leads to meltdowns or tantrums, emotional outbursts, and sometimes elopement or shutting down. 

Fast-paced lifestyle

Research has shown the negative effects a fast-paced lifestyle plays on a child. It is stressful. It is a balancing act between keeping them busy and active, and when it becomes too much. 

Maybe you find yourself rushing everywhere, yelling about being late. Maybe your kiddo has a meltdown when you mention it being time to leave the house. It may be time to rethink how time is spent. We’ve all been there. It’s a delicate balance. 

Inadequate sleep

How does sleep help to reduce stress and anxiety? How much sleep does a child need to benefit from sleep?

Our bodies need sleep. Sleep is when the brain does it’s ‘resetting’. The brain recharges during this time. 

During sleep is when muscles grow and develop. This isn’t something that you can go and pick up or order on Amazon. You need to provide that opportunity for your child to get adequate sleep so they can soak up the benefits. 

Food Sensitivities, Dyes, & Chemicals

Food is the fuel for our bodies. It is needed for our bodies to grow and to provide us with energy.  

Dyes, pesticides, and preservatives, however, are not fueling our bodies. 

Dyes make food look better by giving it a richer, deeper color. Preservatives are added to food to give it a longer shelf-life. So, it prevents the food from breaking down- on the shelf, and inside the body for digestion. 

This is something to consider when we’re thinking of our children’s growing bodies and how to fuel them. 


We can all handle a limited amount of stress and anxiety. But if a child’s ‘gas pedal’ is already being pushed, when a parent or teacher complains or gets upset with them, their gas pedal hits the floor and their engine is in overdrive. 

The child doesn’t know how to cope or respond to this situation. Some kids may become explosive. 

In this situation, consider that your child may be feeling, truly feeling, that this is a dangerous experience. Their brain may be perceiving it as danger. 

If their sensory system isn’t properly functioning, even if the situation is actually safe, they can most definitely be feeling it is not. 

This is key in parenting. As you come to understand this, give your child grace. Give yourself grace. They can’t help it, and you didn’t know. 


We’ve had the opportunity to work with many children that are just WIRED. They love sugar so much, that they will fight, scream, and yell to get it. They know that if they do this, most times their parents will give in to their demands.  

So why is sugar so bad? 

Sugar and stimulants, amp up your child’s brain- like a drug. They are chemicals, and the body and brain treat them like drugs, stimulants. 

So, how do you know if your child is amped up? 

The two most common signs are: 1) They don’t listen well, and 2) they don’t have control over their actions. 

Yet, for some reason, we expect them to be able to control them. 

The developmental long-term effects on the nervous system are that the child tends to prefer over-stimulating activities. They SEEK the stimulation. Like a drug. They search for over-stimulating, dangerous situations due to a constant want for outside sensory input. Then chemical use as a teenager and adult follows. 

So, what happens if you stop consuming so much sugar? Here is the good news! 

When we stop eating, drinking, and consuming stimulants like sugar and caffeine, the brain will adapt, and it becomes relaxed. God designed it that way! 

‘Helping Our Kids’

Our brains were made to develop in a certain manner. It I a process of repetition and progression. 

If we interrupt that, and we try to help our kids when they’re brain is not ready for that next step, that can get in the way. 

We need to master one step at a time for our nervous system to progress properly. 

Think about this: tummy time comes first. This helps build the strength to hold up the head. Then sitting. Then crawling before walking. Make sure your child goes through all of these steps without you forcing them to move on to the next. 

A caterpillar in a chrysalis is working and developing to become a butterfly. On the outside, the chrysalis looks still and calm. However, on the inside, the amount of work that is going on is amazing. 

If we decide to ‘help’ and clip the end of the chrysalis before the development and progression has occurred… 

Out comes not a butterfly and not a caterpillar. 

Repetition, progression, and proper information are the key to development and growth of a child. 

The GOAL is to provide an environment for our children’s brains to relax, to be calm, be successful in school, and begin to be more social. 

After chiropractic care, we see time and time again- children’s true personalities begin to show through. Making friends becomes easier. These kids that we work with are able to focus more because their sensory system is functioning properly, leading to better school outcomes. They can sit still and pay attention!

We know that the ages and stages of life are REAL. It’s an amazing thing to watch. 

It’s a beautiful thing. 

As your child gets more chiropractic adjustments and progresses through their care plan, you may notice they seem to miraculously handle transitions better. The stress and anxiety seem to bounce off them. What a beautiful thing to watch!!

If you want to talk about your child and their struggles, contact us here and let us know what’s going on. Helping kids like yours is what we do best, and you’ll see that it not only helps your kiddo, but your entire family!