How Much Does A Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance? (2023)

If you’ve wondered how much does a chiropractor costs without insurance, then you’ve come to the right place! There are three kinds of costs associated with chiropractors, and there are specific differences between each practitioner, depending on a few factors.

Let’s start by listing the most common reasons that chiropractors will charge higher or lower amounts for their services.

Factors Behind Chiropractor Prices

  1. Location (State & city)
  2. Extent and duration of services. (The longer and more thorough the higher the cost)
  3. Competition or lack thereof.
  4. Specialty or specialties.
  5. Size of the practice/business.
  6. Financial market and or inflation.
  7. Reputation and client base.

· Location.

The location of a chiropractic office is by far the most critical factor when trying to understand why a chiropractic has low prices or high prices.

For example, an office in New York, NY had their prices listed at $125 for an initial visit, but an office in Los Angeles, CA had their prices listed at $250 for an initial visit. (That is a 2x difference, or a 100% increase over the office in NY)

This is likely because the economy in CA can support those kinds of prices. People in CA often have a higher income which is why a practice can charge those rates. (Of course, that isn’t even considering how high taxes are in the cities/states they are located in)

· Extent and duration of services.

Depending on how many kinds of services are offered, some practices are going to be able to charge more if they supply more exhaustive services or longer sessions.

It is always good to inquire with a chiropractic office asking how long appointments are and how much is done during those times. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can get longer and more thorough appointments for a little bit more or maybe even a little less money out of pocket.

· Competition or lack thereof.

Depending on how many competitors are close by, a chiropractic office can be incentivized to raise or lower their prices if they feel it will lead to more patients walking through their front door. (Or more sustainability by raising prices to cover costs. Those costs could be remodeling, new equipment, or new hires)

· Specialty care or specialties.

Some chiropractors serve specific needs. Like us!

We are an example of a specialty practice. Here at ADIO, we help families understand and properly care for their special needs children by offering health care solution. Our approach is completely different than other offices because we don’t believe something is “wrong” with your child, but that they need specialized health care to live their best lives.

You can schedule an appointment today to discuss personalized special needs healthcare for your loved ones today!

· Size of the practice/business.

If a chiropractic office has expanded their ability to take more clients or serve more clients at one time, they may lower their prices because they make more from the volume of patients coming in weekly.

Not that there aren’t smaller offices with competitive pricing, however, this is just a factor that could impact how much is being charged by a larger office.

· Financial market and or inflation.

With the recent financial collapse that occurred in 2020, inflation has continued to rise over the last several years, causing many chiropractic offices to raise their prices to keep up with rising expenses.

The Washington Post reported in October of 2022 that the US economy has suffered from “steep inflation” hitting virtually every sector, including the health care & medical sectors.

Don’t be surprised to see more and more chiropractic offices raise their costs to keep up with their rising expenses.

· Reputation and client base.

It’s no surprise that the better care a chiropractor provides, the higher the worth of those services is. With that in mind, it is important to remember that not every provider should raise their costs simply because they believe themselves “better” than their competitors. In fact, many consumers have shared that they still love to get a good deal on services they value.

Which is why we here at ADIO take pride in our flexible and affordable care plans!

So How Much Does A Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance Then?

Let’s discuss the most controversial and often the most expensive cost that a chiropractor will charge:

1. Initial Patient Exam. (Intake Appointment)

This appointment skews many surveys so much that it is astounding how many companies don’t see the problem with including it when calculating the average cost of a chiropractor. The reality is that this cost is almost always a once time cost to patients and never scheduled again unless patient records are no longer on file.

First time appointments can range anywhere from $50 – $300 or higher. Some patient exams are nothing more than a consultation and don’t provide service until a follow up appointment, hence why the costs can vary so much.

Which brings us to our most common service that chiropractors offer:

2. Spinal Adjustments. (Most common appointment type)

The backbone of chiropractic care is spinal adjustments. (No pun intended) Today, spinal adjustments and care continue to enable athletes to recover from injuries faster, and empower the average Joe to achieve physiological equilibrium.

The sheer number of testimonies about professional chiropractic spinal care is incredible. People around the world now consider spinal alignment/care an indispensable part of their healthcare and long-term plans for wellbeing.

The average cost for spinal adjustments are now on average as low as “$50 – $75” per person. Many practices now offer family plans to make their services more affordable for larger groups of patients.

Here at ADIO, we provide individualized plans for spinal care. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation!

3. Specialty Care (Varies from psychological to physical treatment)

Many chiropractors now embrace a variety of roles for their patients. This includes providing services to help their patients’ mental health alongside their physical needs.

You can read more about how chiropractic care can help with stress and anxiety here.


If you would like to start getting the treatment you deserver for you and your family, schedule an appointment or give us a call today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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